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Tax Advisory

With our professional tax advisors, we provide tax services to both domestic and foreign investment companies in Turkey within the framework of Turkish Tax Laws. Our certified public accountants and tax advisors are experienced and up to date in Tax Refund procedures and our team is always ready follow up these procedures on behalf of you. Our accountants who are fluent in English provide services to clients in preparation and submission of tax returns to the tax authority on time and most properly.


 Services regarding Tax Return Filing includes;

*Preparation and signing of monthly, quarterly and annual tax declarations;

*Withholding Tax Declaration,

*Provisional Corporate Tax Declaration,


*Monthly VAT Return and Stamp Tax Return


*Special Consumption Tax


*Monthly BA and BS Forms


*Monthly/Quarterly Withholding Tax Return


*Quarterly Advanced Corporate Income Tax Return


*Annual Corporate Income Tax Return and its attachments
*Consultancy in Tax issues and changes in Tax Legislation

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