Payroll Calculation

Agathor is experienced in preparation of payrolls for companies functioning in different sectors. We assist in the following affairs for all company types and/or sectors;

* Advisory on payroll issues, as well as changes in Social Security Legislation

* Preparation of  monthly payrolls according to the written information received from the management based on cost center 

* Preparation of payroll slips which are delivered to client by e-mail or sealed envelopes

* Appointment of the total amounts to be paid to employees

* Preparation of payroll reports specific to our clients (available in Turkish and in English)

* Preparation of Social Security E-Declarations and legal documentation for new recruits and leaving employees

* Preparation of the legal documentation for new recruits and leaving employees

* Social Security Registration and Deregistration of employees

* Calculation of indemnity and severance pay liabilities

* Calculation of compensation for annual leave

* Social Security Registration of work places