Commercial Law

Agathor’s lawyer team focuses especially on one of the most vital module: Commercial law. We offer services to both domestic and international companies. Our lawyer team constantly deal with commercial transactions, advice on all aspects of commercial law including agreements, government relations, proceedings and liabilities.

One of our crucial duty is to assure that our clients minimize their risk and their interests are secured. Most of our clients are stock companies, partnerships, limited liability corporations and more.

Services provided with regards to Commercial law are:

  • Capital increase and reduction

  • Sale and Purchase

  •  Drafting and negotiating complex distribution agreements

  • Agency agreements and franchise agreements

  • Negotiating and drafting stages of business consulting

  • Restructuring and maintenance of cross-border commercial activities

  • Agency contracts

  • Management consulting and service contracts

  • Warranty certificates and

  • Regulations on after-sales services.