Protection of Personal Data

Nowadays, personal data is used and captured by most of the companies and websites. In this context, very vital restrictions and guidelines are created for the sake of personal data protection. Therefore, our contracted lawyers carry out services with regards to the decisions of the Data Protection Authority (KVKK) to make sure our clients’ activities are covered by law.


In addition to KVKK, Agathor’s lawyer team also carry out activities within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and provide consultancy to our clients for official compliance services and the preparation of corresponding documents. Within this context, we have prepared and customized data retention, protection and destruction policies according to our clients, explicit consent texts, commitments, Customer, employee and business partner, ensuring the compliance of the contracts with the legislation, training of personnel, etc. Furthermore, our lawyers follow up the current developments very closely and enhance their knowledge as well as experiences in these fields.