Company Establishment Applications for Liaison Offices, Branch Offices, Project Offices and other company types such as Limited Liability, Stock Companies and more

As more foreign investors keep entering Turkey day by day, their demands on starting a business in Turkey keep increasing. Agathor is here to assist you with its expert team in establishment of liaison, branch, and project offices as well as other company types in Turkey. Our team has the greatest expertise to guide you through all stages of the incorporation applications. If you are still uncertain about which type of company meets your expectation or which type is more suitable for your business field, you can easily contact us. The certified public accountants in our team are fluent in English and are ready to assist you in tax and legal objectives to provide the best option on investment decisions in Turkey. In some cases, establishment of liaison offices may be the perfect choice for the new investor companies. By establishing a Liaison Office in Turkey, foreign Investment firms gain profound knowledge about the dynamics of the Turkish market before engaging in commercial activities and then take bigger steps to the future by taking advantage of some tax advantages granted by the government. Furthermore, we, as AGATHOR are ready to counsel you in all company types

Our services in Branch Office, Company and Liaison Office establishment applications include;

* Advisory on all company types

* Preparation of drafts for establishment applications

* Execution of establishment applications to the related Institutions for starting a Liaison Office, Branch Office 

* Project Office or any company in Turkey, as well as following up all registration procedures for Tax Office      Municipality and Fire Department

* Carrying out all bookkeeping, tax return preparation and payroll processes

* Preparation of annual Activity Report and Foreign Direct Investment Information Form and submission to the Ministry of Economy  every year which is obligatory

* Make time extension application to the Ministry of Economy ( Only for Liaison Offices)