Accounting & Bookkeeping

It is vital for company managements to focus on their core business operations. By outsourcing the financial and accounting services, companies can easily achieve their financial objectives, thus, this gives time for them to concentrate more on foreign investment operations, growth and profitability

AGATHOR team eases its clients’ responsibilities by providing consultancy and accounting services and is ready to help companies by dealing with accounting & bookkeeping operations to give the best service for its clients. Our  experienced and certified public accountants are always by your side to provide better accounting service for your company interests, so that you can focus on your business operations and achieve financial and operational goals

Our practice on accounting comprise of;

* Advisory and Bookkeeping in line with Turkish Uniform Chart of Accounts

* Preparation of annual balance sheets and income statements for local regulatory purposes.

* Management Reporting related with financial accounts (available in Turkish and in English)

* Assistance in e-ledger, e-invoice and similar electronic requirements by the Tax Authority

* Preparation of tax returns and submitting them to the Tax Authority

* Preparation of payrolls (see here)

* Posting of the expense invoices, bank records, import files, petty cash documents, their payments and collections

* Reconciliation of the suppliers.(Main and foreign suppliers quarterly, rest of them semi annually)

* Integration of the sale invoices

* Reconciliation of the customers

​* Reconciliation of the bank accounts (Monthly)